ROB COMBER (VOCALS, Freddie Mercury)




















'The best Queen tribute you will ever see'
Jackie Smith, International Queen fan club.

'Thank you guys, Brilliant!!'
Brain May, Queen.

'Its uncanny'.
Roger Taylor, Queen.

'The best Queen tribute ever'.
Annemarie Bertschi, Mercury Phoenix Trust.

'Its not just magic, its heaven for everyone'.
Gary Barker, Queen Heaven web site.

'This is the best you are going to see or hear ever'.
Lesie-Anne Jones, Freddie Mercury & Queen biographer.

'So close its scary'
Jim Jenkins. Queen Biographer. Co-Author of; Queen as It Began.

'A brilliant show'.
Spike Edney, Queens keyboard player.

'Could almost be the real thing'.
Pete Feenstra. (Music Promoter)

E-mails/Reviews received

Received 27/8/07

Hi there, if you could please let me know when you will next be dong a performance in this area as we went to see you at the Tivoli Theatre on the 18th August in Wimborne and you were absolutely fantastic, I was so impressed , keep it going guys !

Rebecca Amos

Received 12/8/07

Good Day to your good selves,

We came to see you at the [Felixstowe] carnival last night and well, what can I say?!


Please can you tell me if you are playing anywhere else in this area or the south east as we would love to see you again.

We had the privilege of seeing you a few years ago and you just get better and better.

Thank you for a fantastic show,

Love and regards


Received 5/8/07

Hi guys,

Thanks for a cracking show last sat 28-07-07 in Tavistock. Have seen other qtb's in the past but you guys take it to another level. The skill & stage presence shown were fantastic. Would tell anyone who likes music, to go & watch one of your gigs. My missus & myself look forward to seeing you next time you come down. Once again many thanks for a great evening,

Jeff & Kaz

Received 30/7/07

I just wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU!!  for a wonderful evening on Friday.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  The Bohemians were absolutely amazing along with Johnny Cowling and Michelle Pluess.

I don't know if you remember me coming over to say hello to you! 

Anyway I felt I just had to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves.  We were aching Saturday morning after all the jumping about, dancing and clapping our hands!!

Kind regards!


Cornish & Devon Post Limited


Received 29/7/07

Hi Kev,

Fantastic evening at the wharf last night, one of the best audiences i've seen there for a while. Can you give me an address to send the video to, i'm hoping its come out ok. Thanks for allowing me to film the show, would love to see the band again, i was very impressed with the whole experience.

Cheers darryl


Hi Guys

Went to se A N Other Queen 'tribute' band the other night - not impressed - told everyone in our group they MUST see The Bohemians to see what a truly great tribute band can do!!
Couldn't make the Easter show at Boom Boom but will look forward to the next one!
Thanks again




Just to say I went to the gig at Hawick Town Hall on Sat. night and you went down a storm.

The crowd were going mental!!
Hope you enjoyed your visit to Hawick.
Keep up the good work.
Les :-))


Hi Kevin,

 Just a quick note to say thanks for a brilliant show on sat and hope you all got home safely, the feedback has been very positive.
John Darling, Promoter


My Daughter bought us tickets for your Tamworth Snowdome show last night as a Birthday present and as a cheer up as I've recently been very ill. I've been a Queen fan since Seven Sea's of  Rhye came out.
I'd just like to say you were fantastic, the energy and musicianship set you guys above many of the 'top flight' artists I've seen over many years.

Brilliant keep it going, hope to get the chance to see you again.

BJ Staffortdshire.


Hi went to see you at The Dugout Farnborough, the second time we have seen you there, and just want to say once again you didn't disappoint, a fantastic show, thanks for entertaining us.
Freddie would be proud.

All the best
Andy and Linda


Saw you at the Boom Boom club on Friday - one of THE best nights out I have EVER had!!!!
What a talented bunch of guys!!!
Never having seen Queen live - this was the next best thing!  Loved the chants!!!
Will be back again to see you.
Thanks again
Di Bragg


Hi there Kevin -
I'm Andy - contacted you a few months ago with that set list idea (even too long ago for me to remember )
Anyway, just want to say what a FANTASTIC time my parents and I had at the Boom Boom club yesterday! It was so exciting, and the atmosphere was so electric! My throat hurt at the end of the night from all the shouting and singing - you guys certainly put on a really professional show!!
Highlights have to be WWRY (fast version) - what a way to start the show! And also Rob Comber's voice and piano expertise - the vocal improv section made me feel I was at Wembley!! Your bass playing was really, really tight - such a great sound! Just out of interest, what type of guitar did you use?
Also a big congratulations to the Status Quo band at the beginning - what a way to get the party started!
Good luck with the show at Witney tonight - hope they're not a tough crowd!
Good luck with all you do - hopefully seeing The Bohemians when they return to Sutton!


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say that we had a bloody great time last Sunday at the Nags Head in Nuneaton !! Look forward to seeing you again some time, maybe in Tamworth in June!
On your site you ask about Queen songs we would like to hear live, well for me, one is Invisible Man ! You are the 4th Queen tribute I have seen and no one as yet has played this song so it would be really great to hear it live!
Anyway, all the best and we hope to catch you again soon.
Cheers, Dave


We've just seen you guys playing at Comberton Leisure - fantastic show!! Fogies and teens unite in your praises!!!!
Enid & family.


I went with some friends to see the Bohemians perform. I thought they were excellent. Bearing in mind I was born in 1962 and grew up with Queen and loved their music I thought it was a great night out and would certainly recommend them.

Mrs Julie Kelly


Hi guys

Just seen your performance at the Maes Manor Hotel Blackwood this evening, you were all absolutely awesome!!!!. I must admit to you I had a few tears in my eyes when you first came on to play One Vision, your whole performance was again just brilliant, I gotta take my hat off to you all!!!,I really can't wait to see you play again, and if you don't mind me for being cheeky, can I have you autographs as I did not get to see u after you performance, so a big thank you for making my night complete, keep up the cracking work!!!!
all the best
Anthony Sprules


I'd just like to say what a fantastic show you put on at the Millennium Village Hall in Scaynes Hill last night. I was there with work friends for a colleagues birthday and we all had a great night. You were amazing!!
Hope to see you all around this area again very soon.
Nina levene


Hi, just like to say thanks for a great show last night (Millennium Village Hall in Scaynes), the whole place went radio ga ga . Can’t wait to see you again. Alan

05/08/05 (From Clon Festival Promoter Jorge Pascual in Spain)


Two weeks have gona already since you performed in Lloret de Mar, and to be frank, the critics have been wonderful.

Everybody is happy with your job... Congratulations.

As a personal note, I´d like to thank you for your kindness at all times, I had a couple of nice days hanging out with you..
I´m really looking forward to bring you back to
Spain next winter.
I hope everything was ok on your trip back, also hope you didn´t have as much delay...

I´ll send you some posters and flyers from your performance at Clon Festival, I´d appreciate a lot you to sign one for the people in the restaurant.

I don´t know if you remember that I told you I´m managing a Rolling Stones tribute band (Smoking Stones). We´d love to perform in
London. I´d like to know if you could help me to contact someone there.

19/6/05 (Abbey Music Fest)

Nothing draws a crowd of sunburnt topless types like a Queen tribute band, and this was evident when The Bohemians took to the main stage and powered through all the Queen classics. Ever noticed how Mercury's lot pretty much constructed a set of endings...without ever actually stopping? Well this lot certainly did and captured that to a T. As tribute bands go, you could do a lot worse than these guys, they’ve obviously been watching the videos and listening to the records.

Review by Dave Stevens,


Four-piece The Bohemians from London have endorsements from Brian May and Roger Taylor which testify as to their excellence in impersonating Queen. There are several Queen bands in the market and I would certainly suggest that these artists are at the top, all the musicians bear a distinct likeness to the originals.

Peter Hepple, The Stage


Well ,showed up last night to the coast and Marina Fountin to watch Nick & the boys, but mostly to see the new "Freddie" & he didn't disappoint. Thought the nerves were evident in the first song (I think id be nervous too, walking out into the nightlife of Hastings wearing that lovely clobber!) but that soon dispersed & he can sing, was fun & fronted the band well.

I have to say that I thought you looked & sounded more like a band last night than when I've seen you before, playing with & for each-other rather than providing a band for the last singer to parade around on top of... & lets face it, Queen were always a band first & foremost rather than a backing band for Freddie, so that was great.

Also you could see the band enjoyed themselves & that always rubs off on the audience as it did last night. I noticed the effort made by everyone on backing vocals & while some of it sounded good, some of it was a bit iffy (may have been fold-backs not loud enough?) so keep working on those, its not easy I know.

I enjoyed the show, had great fun, see you next time... the queen is dead ... long live the new king!. All best wishes gu

p.s. id also ditch the vacuum, all it does is remind everyone that the last singer used to dress up in a dress/stockings & your nu bod doesn't (I wouldn't either!)

hi guys,

Thought id drop u all a line after seeing u at the twist tonight. the show was great as always, me and and my mates will be looking forward to your return!

Id like to thank nick especially for the honour of strumming his guitar, thanx for the plectrum too!!

good luck with all your other gigs,


Four of us saw you at the Peterborough Beer Fest and you blew us away! 2 of us had seen Queen on the "Magic" tour and the Saturday night in Peterborough reminded us what a great gig it was. Hope you can get back to me, once again thanks for a great night in the beer tent!


Andrew Lunn

Hi Kevin I went to the PETERBOROUGH Beer Festival - didn't touch a drop of alcohol just went to see your performance - really enjoyed it THE BOHEMIANS WERE BRILLIANT !!

Hi Guys,
Just had to say how much the wife and I enjoyed your performance Saturday night at the Peterborough beer festival, neither of us drink and only went to see you, and we were not disappointed.
The show you put on was so full of energy it was electric, we both love Queen but never got to see them live but thanks to your Performance last night we now feel we have.
Bryan & Shirl

Hi guys. Seen you twice now. I belong to the Queen Fan club and was lucky enough to see Freddie & co live twice. I was and still am mad on Freddie, I miss him still. I was at the Queen Fan Club 25th Birthday Party in Reading where I first saw you. I remember arriving in the car park in my fancy dress, I was dressed as Marie Antionette, my husband was Freddie, complete with yellow jacket and real moustache!), my daughter was a schoolgirl, my son was Roger Taylor and my daughter's boyfriend was Brian May, with afro wig! I think Michael was the guy who spoke to me in the car park as my jaw had dropped so low, I really thought he was Freddie. When you played, I was completely blown away. I also saw you guys in Windsor at the Theatre Royal, I was in the front row screaming my head off and singing along. When are you coming back to
Berkshire? Can't wait to see you again. Freddie would have loved it all. Keep up the good work!





Hi, I had to e-mail you telling you what I thought of the gig at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last night. I had a great time and really, really enjoyed myself. You put on an excellent show, I was very impressed. I'm hoping to come to as many more as I can, and drag along all my friends so they can appreciate why I had such a great time! Thank you for the brilliant entertainment, for me, (being too young to have ever experienced Queen themselves live), seeing you perform is almost a dream come true.
Oh yes, and please add me to your mailing list!

Hi guys,
Nice to meet you all at Southampton, shame about the circumstances. Looking forward to seeing you play live someday!!!!!!!
Best wishes, Hercule Poirot. www.poirotlookalike.com

hi to all the band members,

i saw u guys last night at the oliver twist and just wanted to drop a line to tell u how much me and my friends enjoyed the show. we were right up front practically leaning over the stage and it was amazing! its great to see people like u keeping queen going. ive never seen a live band that has so much energy and showmanship than u guys. ive seen u 3 times now and i swear u get better each time!

actually i have a questin if u dont mind. the brian may replica guitar, who made that? it doesnt look like the guild or the fryer one. im a keen guitarist and in a band of my own, and i love the red special.

dont be strangers, come back soon! cant wait to see u again


It's just me, a fellow Queen woshiper! Of course, that's not what I'm writing about. I just wanted to tell you (as if you haven't heard it enough) that you guys, even though I have yet to see you peform (my loss) sound and look GREAT!
Seriously, you must be the best cover band for Queen out there. I myself play a few instruments, but alas, I do not have a band. But, I'm not here to talk about me. Or ramble. Sorry.
Anyways, should just wrap this very short e-mail in saying that you should
play the USA! I can't come to the U.K. to see you. :(
Anyways, Ta~ta and perhaps we shall be friends!

Katie Fletcher

Hi Kevin,

I noticed that you have started booking. Pleeeeeeeeeeeese play during Freddie's 10th Anniversary of his death. I have never seen a Tribute Band and I'm dying to see "The Bohemians" We'll only be there for that one week and I would be thrilled to see the band. I'm getting some strong vibes from Freddie and he really wants you to do it. You should be there for him. Andme :)
Take care,

Stowmarket Gig
Hey You Rock n' Rollers!

Last night was amazing!!!!!!!! You were so good. You'll probably remember me as one of the three lads who partied all night and got the beer. I hope we didn't annoy you too much-if we did we're sorry but we were just having a brilliant time. Will definitely have to get tickets for the gig at Cambridge-it would be really useful if you could send me details of that gig, ticket prices, times etc. I still can't believe this morning how good you were and thanks very very much for the poster-it will be framed and mounted on a wall in one of our bedrooms. Good night, sweet dreams, we LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Green, Unofficial number 1 fan of the Bohemians

hi we saw the show you did on the 23rd of feb at stowmarket snooker club and we thought it was great. we cant beleive how much you sounded like, act like and look like queen. we were extreamly drunk that night so our views may not be that reliable but we had an excellent time singing, dancing and really enjoying the music. any way would it be possible to be on your mailling list (please).

hi there!!

my boyfreiend and I saw your gig in dundee last year - you may remember us, we had a few drinks with you guys after the gig. Anyway, we had a fab time and were well steaming by the end of the night!! you put on a really good show and tam (my boyfriend) who's a huge queen fan was sorry he couldn't come and see you the next night in arbroath. We were wondering if you are planning any gigs up here in the not so distant future, or if you would consider doing a gig in livingston ???? I know there would be a huge interest if you were to - and there's a couple of ideal venues.

keep us posted with gig info coz we'd love to come and see you again!
take care,
janet & tam

p.s. i personally loved your rendition of 'fat bottomed girls'!

Mike and all

REALLY enjoyed the Sandpipers gig - so good of you to come up and play!

Look forward to seeing you all again soon

Jim Jenkins

Please could you put me on your mailing list. I saw you at the Winged Fellowship centre in Southport - excellent!

Hi Kevin,
Hope the gigs r going well, but please,please,PLEASE!!! come back to Southend soon!! I went to see "Magic Queen" with a friend last night and my god, they were pants - especially compared to you guys! Some of the guitar stuff wasn't that bad but I would say the best bit of the evening was before it had started. I'd made sure we had good seats at the front, and for about half an hour I was more or less in a trance as they had the BHM1 and 2 VOX amps set up directly in front of me.
N e way, do the venues get in contact with you folks? Because if they do I am going to do some serious nagging at the Riga bar 4 them to book u. Another possibility might be the Bourbon street bar in the Kursal (an actual Queen venue) as they have just started getting bands back in. "Magic" played at the Cliffs Pavilion, but that was a bit to much of a rigid atmosphere!
So how's about it?!?

Dear Freddie and the boys

I just wanted to send an e-mail to thank you guys for friday night.
We have had loads of positive feedback and we think that our first ball was a success!!!!
We've got some photos if you want any new ones for your web page, so just let me know and I will get them to you.
You were excellent and it went down really well, the fact that you were top blokes made our job easier as well.

Thanks again, good luck and take care,

loads of love

Jo Rutherford and Rachel Naylor

Please could you do a gig at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury
I'd love to Go see it

Hi there!

I have been in your fan club since you started, I'm number 34. Just thought I'd let you know the dates for the convention next year if you don't already know...They are 11th - 14th May 2001 at Prestatyn Sands, Pontins. Hope to see you all there once again. Its a pity that the convention seems to be getting less attendence every year. But, I'm trying to get as many of my mates to join to boost the numbers up abit. Anyways, hope that you are all very well and enjoying this fine weather....(not). Soon be Christmas, hey?!

Take care, see you again soon,
Emma Hughes

Have you got any gigs around the Wrexham or Cheshire area?

Many Thanks!

Love from No1 fan!!!

Emma Hughes

By Rovin' Reporter - Una
August 00
Hi… you crazy lot out there!! (I'm back)!

Gee… "The Bohemian Boys" have been busy lately. In fact so busy that I have had little spare time to write the reviews on every gig. I have been my usual crazy self, trekking half way up and down the length and breadth of the UK enjoying (and filming) most of their weekend gigs. In fact, as I write this very minute… the guys are putting on, I'm sure, a fabulous show at St George's, Theatre, Gt. Yarmouth. This gig was so "SOLD OUT" in advance that even I couldn't get in.
Instead I sit here with "tears on my keyboard" and write what I deem to be "gig of the month" so far.. that is:-

The Mowlem Theatre - Swanage, Dorset - 28 August 2000
First of all, can I say, thanks to Will (the band's brilliant keyboard player and 5th member of the band) for chauffeuring duties. With work the next day I cant imagine what I would have been like (matchsticks in my eyes for certain!!), if I had to drive too.

We arrived at Swanage at approx. 6pm and after a leisurely walk round the seafront and beach (where, being the daft kid that I am, - had to buy my few souvenirs, this being a postcard and a Dorset Lottery Ticket Holder), I entered the theatre to take my seat.
I went over by the mixing desk where Max, the band's own sound engineer, very kindly let me plug my camcorder into the mains, allowing me to film non-stop (JVC home digital technology battery input not geared up for anything further than 30 mins, you understand!!!)

Approx.8pm (band on stage)
5ive & Queen are still high in the charts with the fab. 00's version of We Will Rock You, but the guys start off here with the original Queen fast version, as usual, before breaking into Seven Seas.. followed by Killer Queen, I'm In Love with my Car, Another One Bites the Dust, after which Michael(Freddie) says.. "We have a good crowd here… you know they told me …don't go to Swanage, they will rip you to pieces.. but I wondered in which way darling.."
After which they deliver some more of Queen's Greatest Hits such as Somebody To Love, and then (costume change to the 80's), One Vision, Kind Of Magic, I Want to Break Free(accompanied by short leather skirt, long wig and false boobs - performed brilliantly),and finally my second fave - Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

After a short interval + costume change to the 90's set, the intro, "It's a Beautiful Day".. is followed by I Want it All, and then to my absolute fave You Don't Fool Me. Michael takes a girl from the audience (who "knows the words" he says). Now folks, for those of you who haven't seen the band for awhile, this song just goes from strength to strength and draws gasps from the audience when Nick(Brian) takes centre stage and gives a blinding guitar solo which seems to get longer and better at each gig.

Michael then says he needs to get high - very high (as he climbs ever higher on to the tallest speaker) to get the audience in full roaring voice for the ever popular Aaeeeeeerrrrrroooo… de d de day day oh…(need I say more)!

Under Pressure is quickly followed by Bohemian Rhapsody, Tie Your Mother Down, then Big Spender/Jailhouse Rock(where Michael wishes Sandy, the band's very own PR, - a "happy birthday"). During the latter song, Michael is again up on the speaker when part of the stage scenery falls over to the ground! But in true showmanship style (as Freddie would have) Michael gets down, struts across the across the stage and even has the audience singing after him - the words "lets smash the place tonight". A classic moment in Bo history!!

Every one is then clapping to the classic Queen hits Radio Ga Ga and We Will Rock You. The closing finale, We Are the Champions has everyone's hands waving to and fro in the air, as another wonderful gig comes to an end. The band get a standing ovation and come back to take their bows with God Save the Queen.

Approximately ten minutes later, the band make their way to the seafront bar, but are surrounded at the merchandise counter where they spend at least 15 minutes signing autographs and posing for pictures.

After they packed up all the stage gear, (and Swanage being a lovely little seaside town), we walked along the beach, listened to waves.. mm ..what a perfect evening. The gig went off without a hitch - the weather was lovely, theatre was full. We couldn't ask for more.
Even after 2 hours sleep and work the next day I was still on a high.
Keep on rockin..!! Una xxx
Ps -
I just happened to read the following article on the local Kent gig magazine which I thought was quite interesting and which I hope Mel, (the author) wont mind me reproducing here as follows:-

Sat 2 Sept.00 - The Torrington Nrth Finchley

Another great atmosphere here where it is always virtually sold out, but this night was sooooo.. hot man. If you like your gigs like a sauna then this was definitely the place to be. Takes 10 mins to get to the bar where usually though (if the band are on stage) you can get served quickly as everyone is enthralled by what they see/hear and the crowd always come back to this venue for more of the same.
The set tonight is more or less the same as for Swanage (see detailed review above) but of course this being a pub venue - we are all standing (or rather sweating I should say!!). A guy just arrived (at the bar) is amazed at how much Michael looks and performs like Freddie. Even after the gig another man has to have a closer look when he cannot believe how REAL he is, and cheekily asks to.. "borrow Michael's wig". Now there's a task… unless he wants to pull it off rib by rib of course!!
I wont go through the set, song by song again (otherwise I sound like a "boring old fart")(HA! famous Freddie line).
Coming… soon… report on the Scotland tour = 7-10 Sept. Until then.. cheerio.
and keep on rockin.!
Una xxx

went to see you at Burleys in Worthing a while ago, and felt you were worth a second visit in Hove next week :) (16th Sept)

You could do yourself no harm by registering with "mockstars". this is a web site dedicated to tribute bands and exposes you to potential venues with a link to your web site.

Best regards

Sussex pistols. The no.1 UK Sex pistols tribute band
www.sussexpistols.co.uk As played & raved about by Johnny Rotten on Rotten Radio

Hi Kevin,
Hope the gigs r going well. It's Kat (the one that keeps on pestering you from Southend). I must admit to being a bit annoyed with myself after realizing that you were doing a gig in Finchly, and I was at my brothers that night just up the road in New Southgate!!!
We r still trying to get to anouther 1 of your gigs eventually, but in the meantime a friend and i will be seeing "Magic Queen" when they r on at the cliffs pavillion in a month or so. Ill let you know who is best, but they do have a big reputation to live up to now!!!

Now look here guys, I (and many many others!) have been waiting patiently for your return to The Twist in good old Colchester for sometime-OK I thought we'll just have to wait till end of August-to my horror when I discovered the planned date of 25th Aug is no longer-WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?
Life has suddenly taken a severe turn for the worse-whats going on?

Let me have some good news -looking at your gig list-you're not planning anything round here in the forseeable-let me know ASAP-brighten up a sad old rocker for gawds sake!

Best regards
ps keep up the excellent work chaps.

Me and my whole family enjoyed your show very much if you remember at the warren on the 8th my father spoke to Freddie mercury and told him that i was in my mothers stomach when he saw Queen and i spoke to BRian May and his woman friend gave me a card. Any way I would just like to say again you performance was the best out of the night and please e-mail me back.

this is the next generation of Queen fans here. My friend and I came to your last gig in Southend (we thought you were excellent by the way), and we were just wondering if you have anything in the pipe line to come back this way (sooner the better!).
Please, please, please! come back this way soon! and let me know if you are going to. I can't wait until the next time we can come to one of you gigs (we missed the real thing as we are to young, and you really are the next best thing!). Hope to hear about you soon.
Keep on rockin'
(and several impatient sixth formers)

HIYA GUYS, phil here from stoke, ( ROGER TAYLOR LOOKALIKE). Just writing to say how great it was to see you all again at convention 2000.You are all looking better every time i see you, and so pleased your still rocking out there. You guys are the best tribute band there is, SO KEEP IT UP hope to see you guys soon and have a drink

all the best

The Boat Race, Cambridge

There I was standing naked to the hips with 3 fat-bottomed girls, mud on my face, singing 'take me, take me, take me, … and then I woke up very refreshed and ready for a night of rock and roll at The Boat Race. I got on my bike and rode, in anticipation of seeing a dead living legend on stage.

On arrival it was more packed than some high explosion ready to shake the world and there appeared to be the same amount of anticipation buzzing about. I've experienced a Queen tribute band before (Magic, at Cambridge Corn Exchange), the music was great, but there was a stale essence running through the live performance in an all-seater theatre not very rock'n'roll. Weren't they missing the whole point of Queen: piss-taking, comical, experimental showmanship, to be blasted in your ears and swim around in your friends head?

The good news was that I'd heard that The Bohemians concentrated on the showmanship side of things. To start with Jackie Smith from the International Queen Fan Club has said; 'The best Queen tribute you will ever see', Leslie-Anne Lones, Freddie Mercury & Queen biographer has said 'This is the best you are going to see of hear ever' and if the message isn't clear enough Roger Taylor himself has said of them 'It's uncanny' while Brian May (also himself) said 'Brilliant'. That's good enough for me.

Cheers, spilling of drinks, knowing smiles and drinking of drinks. All great, and then it got a hellava lot better. 'Bloody hell, it's Freddie Mercury' is what I heard someone cry. Our new found friend (Michael Czar) was a dead ringer (no, necrophilia was not performed on stage) for Freddie. He looked like him and most important he loved being what Freddie loved being. Here was a showman who, when the time came didn't take himself to seriously and loved being on stage prancing like a tit. He had the body language. He had the moustache. He had the nerve to stand atop the mixing desk and sign 'Dee-aaaaay-oh!' and for ten minutes we roared back at him. He may not have had the voice, but hey - he could pick it all up, stuff it down the front of his leotard and carry it off.

As if to prove the point, Freddie leapt to the grand piano on centre stage (sorry, Freddie jumped to the keyboard facing the wall) and rattled out the beginnings of Somebody to love, hit a bum note and turned it into a grand tuning session culminating in Freddie laughing through his teeth whilst singing 'Caaan….somebody… find meeeeeeee… somebody….. to fix my piano'. Genus.

Then it was headlong, headlong through a raw and manic set which had the place leaping and singing so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves drink: Seven Seas of Rhye, Fat Bottom Girls, We will Rock You, Radio Ga Ga, Under Pressure, Hammer To Fall, Bohemian Rhapsody. I Want To Break Free floated its Coronation Street chords across the assembled company and to cheers (and leers) Freddie donned a fantastically sleazy wig and plastic breasts. No, it wasn't the real thing. But did we care? Not the chap whose hand Freddie pressed to his plastic knocker.

Disbelief was not an option. Singing and stomping rocked through the night as our vocal chords rolled through the mangle. 'Don't stop me now', we yelled like there was no tomorrow, cause I'm having such a good time…' Soon it would be all over, and all of us sweaty, drunks, hoarse and substantially deaf, snaffling dodgy kebabs. Death On Two Legs. But for now, and in some little music venue wewere just Tenement Funstres in Good Company.

God Save The Queen.

Tom Morgan

Hey There!

Just a quick email to say that I have been to a several of your gigs...(Penny Theatre, Canterbury) (Pure brilliance)
We are currently setting up an ISP and with-in the Homepage choosing some of the best sites on the web to add to the links....
We hope you don't mind but we have added yours.....

You can find it on.... www.surrealfish.co.uk/music.html

By Rovin' Reporter - Una

I think my last review was back in January but of course I have been to nearly all the gigs the "guys" have done since then. Memories of first time appearances at places such as "The Boat Race" Cambridge (14 Jan 00) (sold out on the night), "Club Riga" Southend (11 Feb 00), come fondly to mind. I took my 'still' camera that night and, if Kevin (band member/manager and owner of this site) is in a generous mood, you may see the result in the "Photo Gallery", in the near future.

More recently "The Torrington Arms" Nth. Finchley,(also sold out on the night), where the guys have appeared before, was so tightly packed that none of us could get near the stage 'till at least the 15 minute interval. What a fab gig that was. Nick really gave Michael a run for his money as he got up on the speaker for his mind-blowing guitar solos and they really did it with style. As soon as Michael jumped down, Nick leapt up. Well done "guys". That looked really good and went down well.

So…. that brings me to 31 March 00 "Talk of the Town" here at Dartford(where I live) and its opening 'tribute' night with what better than "The Bohemians" of course - so a 'first' all round. Big place, cabaret style with food served as well. The thing that let them down here was that the house sound system in this place could well do with a boost. Not really loud enough for its size and Michael had to strain his voice, which wasn't a good thing as it was Colchester the very next night (more about that later). The audience sat and watched (as is usual with cabaret style audiences) but Michael wasn't having that, and soon he had them up dancing and singing along, and by the end of the night most people were on the floor in one form or another, and it was funny when Michael said "if he saw one hand down during Radio Ga Ga - he was "coming after them".
Everyone was swaying to Bo Rhap. and I think by the last song "We Are the Champions" there wasn't indeed one hand down (well maybe one or two of the lazy ones hee hee - nah I shouldn't say that - lets say the "tired ones". (I might well go to the next gig there (T-Rextasy) to compare sound and audience participation)!
Anyway a good night was had by all and at this stage I was quite merry (why you ask!) so I don't remember a great deal after that. But I would like to say thanks to everyone who came back to my house after for coffee(drivers) and alcohol(non-drivers). I was informed we broke up after 4:00 am.
I spent the next day/early evening recovering from a hangover, but I wasn't missing tonight by any means and still "somehow" managed to make the journey by car to the "Oliver Twist" at Colchester (1 April 00), just in time for them to come on stage. It was the boys' third time here and needles to say also jam-packed.
A slight twist to this gig… as Michael threw a drumstick in Wayne's direction, stormed off the stage after two songs, and left everyone gasping (some were chanting Freddie Freddie..). What followed next was strange looks from the audience and band members alike, Wayne quickly going into his version of I'm in Love with My Car (much earlier than scheduled), followed by a fab. intro into Dragon Attack, before Michael appeared back on stage shouting "April Fool" (how could you not tell ME …- you rotters!!). I have to say … that was cool guys…it fooled everyone as I don't think any of us realised what day/date it was. Very funny - although I was really enjoying the first few bars of Dragon Attack and half expected some more surprises.
Oh there was… I forgot.. - Michael walking off to leave Nick to sing Tie Your Mother Down… was "interesting!!". (he just kept saying.. "you sing it …you sing it…" hee hee!!) (now why did I leave my camcorder behind tonight above all nights!). No two gigs are alike with "this lot" on stage.

After the gig ended we all headed back to our friend Syd's (one of the Bohemian's biggest fans), rented bungalow for teas and coffees before heading off home… YET again in the wee small hours.
Thanks guys - another great weekend was had by all.

Highfields Holiday Park, Little Clacton was the venue for Sat 8 April 00 and on entering this one, I have to say, reminded me a lot of the Queen Convention as the place was laid out in similar fashion.
Fantastic sound here and lots of little children sat behind a red line in front of the stage eagerly awaiting "the best Queen Tribute Band"……… and they weren't disappointed. No matter how hard the audience want to watch in cabaret style (ie seated and quiet) its not going to last long at a Bohemians' gig. Michael warms up the audience with the first few numbers and half way through this gig he is determined and tonight went back through the crowd - managing somehow to find something to climb up on, before getting all the audience singingand chanting along to the very famous Freddie lines (get on down to a gig if you don't know what I mean…). If you like a lively night out and a bit of Queen music, believe me, The Bohemians are the tribute band to keep this legend alive…
Second half had indeed a lot of the audience up off their seats in front of the stage and away with the 'red line restriction' now. Everyone was singing along to RadioGa Ga - some even got up on stage.

As always there was an encore after the band's penultimate end with the forever famous song of the Millennium "Bohemian Rhapsody". All hands swayed to final song.. We are The Champions and so another great night/great gig had come to an end.

Ah.. but there is always next week - The Cartoon Club, Croydon .. see ya there…

Finally, can I say best wishes to Sandy (band PR), for a speedy recovery and hope to see you back in action very soon..


Dear 'lads', myself and a few of my friends attended the last show of your North East tour, at the 'Emporium' in Stockton. (you my remember us as the 'nut cases' at the front, I was the 'goon' with the glasses!)
Anyway, just thought we'd e-mail you to say it was a brilliant show and that we all enjoyed it, loads. Hope to see you back in the North East sometime, keep on rockin'
P.S when do think you will be back in the North East anyway?

I'm just writing to ask did any one do a review of your gig at reading??
I thought you were very good i'm a closet queen fan and get very embarsssed when my sister gets all hyped up over tribute concerts!!!!!
But that day when i saw you play well i was the one embarsseing her!!
She could not move me from the floor so thank you for a great night out I have some photos I will email them soon for you!!
p.s I'm looking foward to the club riga gig in Southend see ya






We thoroughly enjoyed the show last night at The Cartoon, Croydon, you were all brilliant, as usual.
Please find attached a copy of the Christmas card l made last year. I found it on my hard drive. It is in MS Publisher 97 format. Geraldine is looking for a job making web pages. She is on the short list with 21st Century Internet who do web pages for Companies in America. She uses Macromedia Flash 3. Enough of the proud Mum.
Hope you enjoy the card, please show the others.
We look forward to seeing you all again some time soon.

All the best, Sandra

The Bohemians, Take the North East by storm…

By your 'on the spot reporter' - Una

November 23rd 1999 - sees the boys leaving Surrey at 4:30am (phew!!) and I left at 9:00am, headed for Redcar. With only one stop on the way I arrived in plenty time (2:30pm) for the gig . After checking in to the hotel, a well earned sleep and freshen up, met up with the band at Amy's Restaurant(well that was minus Michael who was resting up). After this we all headed across to Elgins Bar - the venue for tonight's gig. The difference I noticed up here was, there was no stage - just a "very small" corner of the pub was the settingfor this 'play area', and also entry was free. The boys set up all their gear and meanwhile we got chatting to the some of the locals. Ron and his son Wesley in particular, who I have since learned will also do a review in the local gig guide up North ,which I hope to get hold of later in the week. They said they usually got a good crowd here and certainly the place was packed by approximately 8:30pm

The band came on stage at 9:30. Armed with several lagers and my camcorder I stood up at the side where I had a good view over the stage. They opened as usual with We Will Rock You, followed by Killer Queen and then Another One Bites the Dust (with Michael climbing up on everything he could find to stand on) and the crowd went wild. He also said that "early they had parked on yellow lines outside thepub and were only giving a WARNING - in London they take your car away" (this is true!!).

By the end of the evening Michael had them all clapping and cheering. The only hitch of the night (and can you believe I went to the Ladies at this stage - MUCH to Michael's delight!!), (unbeknown to Michael himself until a bit later in the song), was an embarrassing incident during Hammer to Hall - but we wont go into that HA!!)

After the gig ended the boys were told they could leave the gear there until tomorrow so after a few more drinks we all headed over to the late night haunt - Klub Kudos Nightclub, where a tribute to Lisa Stansfield was live on stage. I have to say she was pretty good and sounded much like her. After this was the regular disco which was also quite good. At least there was no "rap/garage/house" music here. At almost 2am, and after a long day (surprised we lasted even this long!) we all headed back to our rooms for a well deserved and I should think "deep" sleep.

November 24th 1999
Next day the boys stripped down the gear at midday, and we headed on out of Redcar to the next stop, The Brewer & Firkin in Hartlepool (an approx. 45 min drive). This turned out to be a little way out of the centre. We learned that a lot of the nightlife here had, in fact moved over to the other side of town, which meant that they didn't now get the crowd they used to. We were also told that the crowd here were very hostile but we joked that Michael would get them going. Ron and Wesley (natives of Redcar) came along again to this one and again the band came on stage at approximately 9:30pm. Unfortunately they were proved right and indeed the attendance was sparse and Michael did indeed work hard at the crowd. They managed to get a few going but on the whole it wasn't a fab atmosphere such as the night before at Elgins. The corner of the pub they played was a little darker and although bigger was seemingly hidden away a bit. The band were fab though and a few changes in the usual set as they slotted in Now I'm Here which was great as they hadn't done that for awhile. Michael also dedicated Bohemian Rhapsody. to "Freddie who died today" (smirk from Kevin) to which Michael replied - "died today - okay 8 years ago - they know what I mean". All the other usual songs were played well, except when Nick's amp. went down during Hammer To Fall, but no one panicked, the band played on and after a bit of fiddling around (including a little dance from Nick!!) and a change of amp - the guitar was soon back on track, to which we all clapped. What a number for this to happen on but hey "that's rock & roll for you"!!

Again, after the gig the boys could leave their gear until the next day, so, this time after a few drinks (no nightclub tonight - far too tired), we headed back to the rooms where some more bottles of beer were drunk after which we decided we were hungry and all walked across the road for some burgers/kebabs and chips.

They have very strange hours in the Brewer & Firkin and they next day there was no access until after 12:00 noon so the boys had to wait before stripping down the gear. Following this we had several coffees, Kevin and Nick had a few games of pool and then we headed off to the next stop…

November 25th - Emporium in Stockton (again about a 45 min journey). Well at least this was open all day.

Same set up here - corner of the pub (but hey at least we noticed the stage "area" was getting bigger if nothing else. Again entry was free and in this pub was a very regular and heavy afternoon session of happy hours and I do mean in the plural with cheap booze being sold most of the afternoon, so this attracted a very drunken crowd of old men - we all had to laugh in the end. They were so drunk one of them just got up and fell straight over. We learned later this was the usual weekly session. Good thing they left before the band came as it was all getting a bit loud and rough. We went upstairs to a big empty bar to freshen up and wash (no accommodation here as we were all travelling back south after the gig tonight). But you can imagine our delight when we looked out of the windows upstairs and saw the drunken old rowdy men leaving (I certainly was - but that's another story!!). Michael was so tired and really didn't know how he would get through this last leg of the tour - and joked "how can I feel this way and then go out there and "jump around like a five year old". But…we all know he never lets us down and as always Michael gives and did give 110% no matter how tired etc.. he feels.

Came back down just before the band came on and WOW! - it was so packed - I could hardly get to the stage. Didn't even have arm room to get my camcorder out so just watched this one. Ron and Wesley were here again (bless em!!). The band went down astorm. This time Seven Seas of Rhye was slotted in and I think the script was out the window as Michael addressed the crowd to say that "they told me at Harlepool the Stockton crowd didn't know how to have a good time". Laughs all round. Anyway they certainly did know how to enjoy themselves here - everyone was clapping in the end to Radio Ga Ga and people were screaming for more - everyone sung along to We Will Rock You and waved arms to We Are the Champions. What a way to end the tour. What amazed me was the fact that Michael put on his best performance ever despite earlier feeling"dead beat" - well done. Don't know how you did it - but YOU DID!!!

After the gear was stripped down and soon after meeting and chatting with a Bryan Adams Tribute Band we all headed off home in a convoy!!. Several stops and coffees later we finally made it back (well I did at 6:45 am in time to nearly meet my coach I go to work on - in London). However no work for me this day and I just fell into bed.

I just like to say a huge thanks to the guys for an extremely enjoyable 3 days of non stop excitement and laughs. Although very tired - you all did brilliantly and finally can I say a HUGE big thank you to Michael for keeping me awake on the long journey back to London overnight.

I think the boys are looking forward to a "proper stage" though and so on they go..
Next stop - "The Twist at Colchester……"

December 31st 1999 - Rhydycar Leisure Centre,
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
January 1st 2000 - Grand Ocean Hotel, Brighton
by Una
your 'on the spot reporter'

New Year's Eve - Merthyr Tydfil
Nearing the turn of Century saw me headed towards Wales for the gig at the above location. After a 3 hour car journey I arrived with my mate Kathy (the drummer's girlfriend) at approximately 8:30pm where we dived into the nearest local pub to stock up with booze (for partying afterwards!). All the locals were in the party mood already and we nearly didn't escape as the "old boys" bought us several drinks when they saw us in our "party frocks"!!

However, escape we did and finally inside the Leisure Centre at 10 pm approximately, where the band were doing their "pre-gig warm up" after which they stormed on to the stage about 10:15 straight into One Vision.

The crowd were all sitting at long tables. The venue was very big and the stage seemed to be tucked away at the top. In front was a huge dance floor area and the acoustics/sound in this place was terrible I have to say. For the first number you couldn't hear Michael singing and I knew the band were going to have a few problems tonight. But Michael being the great performer that he is managed to get the crowd up and dancing during numbers like Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Kind of Magic. The band (and the sound engineer Max) did their level best and safe to say things did improve. A little after about 14 numbers but they came off stage at about 11:30pm.
The atmosphere backstage was not one of a celebration but all the same we all hugged and wished each other a "Happy New Year". We contemplated just returning to London at this stage, but later changed our minds and stayed. However, Michael did return as he was off to do yet another gig in London.
But the rest of us did have our party back at a B&B and drank all the booze and fell into bed at about 3:00am (if I can remember!!). I think we all did have a good time in the end, as we were reaching for the paracetamol the next morning over our tea and toast.

January 1st 2000 - Grand Ocean Hotel, Brighton
Well here we are now, a different day and a different century - and this time sees me approaching the above hotel (slightly outside Brighton) where they guys are playing tonight. This is a Corporate get together and very much a sit down cabaret session and unlike last night this gig is BRILLIANT. The crowd (and the manager) were very pleased indeed with the band. Here again this was a big venue with a fairly large dance floor in the middle and then behind some pillars surrounding a semi-circle sort of stage area sat a huge crowd scattered all over the lounge. The stage was low but massive and Michael was in his element as he DASHED BACK AND FORTH whilst he belted out the usual numbers. What a difference tonight was from last night as the acoustics here were unbelievable and every note and sound was distinctive yet Max had stated that he hardly touched the mixing desk from last night.

Despite this being very much a cabaret event, Michael did coax one of the ladies up off her seat and also a little girl who was dancing away to the Queen numbers during the hour and a half or so set. Even so I think the crowd were mesmerised and just wanted to sit in awe and listen/look. Gasps came from the audience on a few occasions when Michael changed stage costumes.
Other than a little hitch with the opera section in the middle of Bo. Rhap., this gig came off brilliantly and after it ended the boys came out and met everyone who was hugging and congratulating them on a wonderful performance. One man even had a Polaroid camera and was taking pictures and getting all the band to autograph them. People were telling Nick what a fab. guitarist he is etc.. and asking him if his hair is real (which of course we all know IS.. and which we know what makes this band stand out from others - is the realness of it all - no wigs or false moustaches here). Also at this stage can I say that most bands I have seen nowadays seem to use far too many CDs and synthesisers whereas the Bohemians are ALL 'live'.

I think they made a lot of new fans here at Brighton and I would safely say it wont be too long before they make a swift return to this venue. Well done guys!!!
I would like to congratulate you once again on two great performances (despite the inappropriate live venue at Wales - you still did a great job and as always - guys, you are STILL the best).

Thanks too for your hospitality and most of all a final thanks to Nick - my guiding light in the fog (without whom I would have surely got rather lost on the way home!!).

Cheers guys!!
Here's to a great future for you in the year 2000 and best of luck - you work damm hard and you deserve it.

Una xx

Dear all
I saw you at the Woodman in Sidcup back in June and I would just like to thank you
for making my stag night a most enjoyable event. You may remember us, we were the rowdy bunch at the front.
Thanks again hope to come and see you again soon have a good one

Dear Bohemians

I am writing after being refused entry with my two sons and thier friend at the Woodman pub in Sidcup. Our family group plus two other families were refused entry on the grounds of the over 18 rule for the room that is used for your gig. We have seen you at the Woodman before and at The Manor in Biggin Hill and have enjoyed both times. Weare on your mailing list and I can assure you that of the three Queen tribute bands we have seen over the last year , The Bohemians are the best. We saw Magic at the fairfield hall and the royal familiy at both Bromley and at Tunbridge Wells in all three cases teh venues were literally packed out with families for a great night out. I think you need to consider that you are missing out both finacially and are restricting the age group to a section of people who are a smallpercentage of the potential audience
you could play to.

Can I ask you look at this as there are many venues in the Bromley area where you could perform and allow entry for all age groups. I was very frustrating to take out my sons for a birthday treat and then not be allowed in. I spoke to the other two families outside and in one case they had bought tickets well in advance and  had confirmed that it would be ok to allow their 10 year old daughter in, the other family were also very disappointed and dispite much pleading with the manager he would not play ball.

I understand you play the pub band circuit, but I seriously think you should consider booking much bigger venues and maybe indicating on your flyer listing which venues are over 18s only. I took my family to see Brian May at the Albert Hall last November and I was amazed to see how many young people were cheering and singing along with the songs and music.

Sorry about moaning but your interpretation of Queens music is the best we have seen and without doubt visually you give the best overall performance.

I hope all went well at the Woodman
All the best

When are you playing North Finchley again? It's been far too long

hi there. almost recovered from the party saturday although my ears are still ringing but i am sure that will go (i hope!). well i suppose that is what you get for standing at the front!!

I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the Bohemians set on saturday. i have only seen one other tribute band (magic) and although they are good in some ways the last two times i have been to see them they havent been up to scratch. not able to keep time in some important numbers (show must go on and a few others) being a Drummer and Bass guitarist this is very noticable and you few like kicking the drummer to make him go faster.
I thought the group performed very well and i thuroully enjoyed their set. even though i and the rest of the hall were waiting for the wonderful Brian May (who i saw play live for the first time, the only member of Queen i have seen) you managed to grab the audience with the power of your music. Thanks again!
It was all in all a wonderful night and well worth it!

I come from Colchester in essex so me and my girlfriend made the long
journey by coach over to reading for the event! I found out you are going to be playing at the OLIVER TWIST pub in colchester this coming sunday 12th. do you have any further details of this like start time etc. i havent been to that pub before and i am as eger as anything to go now i have seen you perform!! I am really looking forward to it and will try to get to the front!! if you see me say hi!!! (you don't know what i look like!!?!?!? anyway) i wonder if you do autographs????????

Anyway i'd like to join your mailing list for updates and infor like that. and joining the fan club is just a matter of writing to the address on your site??

Saw you guys at The Grey Horse in Kingston on Saturday night!!!
Gotta tell you quite simply the best Queen tribute band I've ever seen, and hello to the girl by the fan-club poster with the black hair and the bum-bags who was a bit of a babe...

You guys look pretty close to Queen. Will you you ever get to play the US, and if so when. We miss Queen and feel we didn't get all that we could. I haven't seen them since they last toured. I'm jealous because a lot of the UK and Europe had more time with Freddie and the band, and they even have bands like yourself to help keep the memories and music alive. I would love to see Queen again. It would give us, the US fans a way of saying farewell to Freddie, and have some closing to his death.
If your not too busy, please write back.

Hi guys: My husband and I will be in England from Sat. 31 July to Fri. 21 August 1999. We'll be staying in London, not too far from the tube station called Osterley,just a few stops from Heathrow. During eclipse week, Aug. 7-14, we will be in St. Ives, Cornwall (can't wait!). I checked out your web site and I can't tell where your gigs are, so if you get a moment, could someone please tell me if you are playing anywhere near Heathrow, from 31-7 to 6-8, or between 15-20 Aug. Or if you're playing at any cool place that's easy to find near a tube station, I'd really appreciate it.
I've been a fan of queen since the Sheer Heart Attack came out in the 70's.
They came to my home town, Vancouver, BC, Canada, twice in the 80's so I got to see them play live. I took my camera and got a few good pictures from the 2nd row! I stayed up all night waiting for tickets when they went on sale.
I am a singer and always enjoyed singing along with my Queen records.
I was so envious when my best friend's parents took her to London and she saw Queen live twice in the late 70's! We were only teenagers, so that was one of the coolest things any of my friends had ever done at that time. At one of the concerts my friend nearly caught Freddy's tambourine, but another girl won the tug-of-war.

Bye for now.

Laurel Foulkes

REVIEW BY GARY BARKER (Queen Heaven Web Site) -
THE STANDARD, E17, May 1997

Darkness... Roadies set the stage by maglight. The crowd WON'T WAIT. The rythmic stomping, familiar to anyone who has seen to a Queen concert begins. Smoke fills the stage, and then - they're here. The venue erupts with screaming. Suddenly the audience is jumping. The air is filled with punching arms. They're all singing along, well not just singing, they're almost drowning out the band! Faces light up when Michael looks at them. People scramble to touch his hand.

Tonight it happened. The Bohemians have worked bloody hard to get where they are now. It's paid off big-time. Bohemians T-Shirts and baseball caps were sold out before the gig even started. This from people who religiously followed other Queen cover bands for years. People who have suddenly changed their allegiance as if by magic ...

It's almost time to finish. The band leave the stage after Hammer to Fall and the place is positively demanding more. The We Will Rock You hand clap starts, and finally, the band return. "Do you want some more?" asks Czar. He's left in no doubt about the answer. They launch into We Will Rock You, Friends Will be Friends and finally, We are the Champions, and then, they are gone. Always leave them wanting, as they say.

"Let's talk about the comparisons between the other tributes and The Bohemians", I asked a few people afterwards. "Let's not", they replied. "We've come home to Queen, this is what we've waited a long time for, and now we've got it".

AN ODE TO THE BOHEMIANS by Rebecca Watson (July 1998)

They look a lot like Queen
They sing the best songs that ever have been
The singer's real flash
With a well-groomed Tash
They're the best band I've ever seen.

The Guitarist is six foot or more
He's the best Brian I ever saw
He plays all the licks
He knows all the tricks
He's my favorite out of all four.

He bangs on the drums with great passion
His shades are all the fashion
He gets his kicks from banging his sticks
In that stripey top he looks dashing.

Last but not least is the bass man
He plays riffs that no one but John can
He wears T-Shirts and shorts
Well it takes all sorts
He's the cool-headed one in the Band.