The Bohemians


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"I think the track is really good and thankfully doesn't have all the neanderthal 'IN-GER-LAND' chanting in it...  The other clever thing on the band's part is that it has a shelf life beyond the world cup too so good for them". Phil Wickman, From Radio 4 Business

"Great lyrics, good beat and a strong lead vocal. Good luck with it, guys you deserve to be successful". By Linda C W on iTunes

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A teardrop on a blade of grass

And one more painful delusion is past

The nightmare's so real though it don't seem right


But hope springs eternally

And foolish pride has a way of sustaining me

I see victory in a future that shines so bright


You promised the earth

So give us the world

Hold your heads high

If you have the heart

To reach for the sky

Give us the world


So dare we hope that our time is come

The renaissance finally begun

I see a red cross flying high on a field of white


No more unreality

No more harping on ancient history

Could it really be that the dream is close

And the final goal's in sight


You promised the earth

So give us the world

Hold your heads high

If you have the heart

To reach for the sky

Give us the world


Come on take your chance

Take aim and fire

If you have the pride

If you have the desire

Give us the world


Written & Produced by The Bohemians

Recorded at West Track Studio, Canterbury, Kent  

Engineered by Clive Austen

Mixed & Mastered By Luke Fellingham at Luna Sound 

Video by: John-Marc Swansbury, Avenue Services   

Lead & Backing Vocals, Piano:  Robert Comber

Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals: Christopher Gregory

Drums, Backing Vocals: Wayne Bourne

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals: Kevin Goodwin

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